Stehman, John

Mr. Stehman has over 35 years of experience in the data and telecommunications industry. This includes roles in engineering, network operations, sales, and technical marketing. Areas of expertise include data communications network design, wireless communications, satellite and terrestrial communications networks, and network management platforms. He is also well-versed in technologies such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Frame Relay, virtual private networks (VPNs).

Mr. Stehman is an active Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) senior member, and a member of the IEEE 802 standards group He is a past member of the ADSL Forum and the TeleManagement Forum. Key focus areas include wireless communications including 802.11 wireless LANs and network architectures and infrastructures, including 3G carrier networks. Mr. Stehman also assists clients in defining wireless network requirements, evaluating technology solutions, preparing and evaluating contracts and service level agreements (SLAs), and insuring compatibility of business applications with wireless environments. Mr. Stehman is also actively involved in helping clients define requirements for enterprise data network infrastructures and network management best practices, especially in areas such as carrier environments, security, VPNs and wireless.

Mr. Stehman has worked in both vendor and user environments, and most recently brought a strong grasp of networking and operations experience to Robert Frances Group (RFG). At American Airlines (AA), Mr. Stehman served as Vice President of Network Services, where he was responsible for marketing, operations, and sales. The worldwide American Airlines SABRE network employed Frame Relay technology to support more than 15,000 Novell NetWare LANs, with an availability of at least 99.95 percent. While at AA, Mr. Stehman was responsible for all contract negotiations with service providers and vendors and successfully negotiated many vendor contracts in excess of $500M.

Mr. Stehman is considered an expert in the area of contract negotiations and vendor management including request for proposal (RFP) preparation and evaluation and service level management best practice. From 1999 through 2006, Mr. Stehman served as the Director of Research and Principal Analyst for RFG, a Connecticut based consulting group. Mr. Stehman has authored more than two hundred Research Notes for enterprise clients. Before joining RFG, Mr. Stehman served as Director of Network Management Systems for Diamond Lane Communications (now a part of Nokia) and supported the service provider focused DSL product families.