Gabriel, Caroline

Caroline Gabriel co-founded Rethink Research Associates in 2002 and is currently the Research Director and Lead Analyst for their Wireless publications.

Caroline remains up to date with all areas of wireless technology, especially the various formats of cellular and short range technologies like UltraWideBand, since early 2003 she has focused much of her research on WiMAX and related broadband wireless technologies. She has developed a series of business models for broadband wireless, and offers an advisory service on the pricing and Opex and Capex costs of delivering such services, called the WiMAX Business Models Advisory Service. She has advised many multinational carriers and operators on their WiMAX strategy, and is an acknowledged expert in the field, speaking as an independent authority at virtually all the important WiMAX events around the world this year, including those held in the US, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Portugal and is the chair of the largest US conference on WiMAX, WiMAX World held by Trendsmedia in Boston.

Before that she had spent a large part of her career in various senior positions at VNU Business Publishing Europe. VNU BPE is Europe's largest publisher of IT-related information with over 50 magazines, seven web sites, a conference organization and various research services.