Camerinelli, Enrico

Enrico Camerinelli is Partner Advisor.
Mr. Camerinelli was previously Analyst and Vice President with META Group.
Mr. Camerinelli has extensive experience implementing and streamlining complex matrixes of customers, partners, and suppliers. His research focuses on supply chain management, integration of enterprise resource planning systems with marketplaces, and manufacturing of vertical industry applications. Mr. Camerinelli's research also encompasses models and methodologies for IT portfolio return-on-investment evaluations. Mr. Camerinelli was responsible for the Supply Chain and Business Management Applications research practice with META Group. Prior to joining META Group in February 2001, he gained experience in plant and logistics/operational management through work with several European automobile manufacturers, and held a senior marketing position with JD Edwards in Italy. He received a degree in Electronic Engineering from Universita La Sapienza in Rome.
He is also active member of the Supply Chain Council European Leadership Team.

Terms for Areas of Coverage
Economic Value Calculators, ERP, Extended ERP, Product Life-Cycle Management, Product Data Management, ROI Models, Supply Chain Management

Industry focus
Logistics, Manufacturing