Experton Group Studies

Vendor Benchmarks

For many years, Experton Group’s Vendor Benchmark concept has been a means to ensure proper IT vendor selection in the German-speaking markets, addressing changing market requirements with annual benchmark studies on key IT topics, based on detailed scientific research. Available vendor benchmarks include studies on topics such as cloud computing, mobile enterprise, social business, big data and security.

Hundreds of organizations use Experton Group’s established studies for strategy development and vendor selection purposes. Experton Group also includes the results of their benchmarks into their own consulting projects.

IT decision-makers are under constant time and cost pressures and are therefore increasingly looking for benchmarks to be able to better assess their own competitive performance. Equally important is up-to-date, neutral and reliable information on the scope of services and deliverables of IT vendors and service providers.

Benefits for IT decion-makers are:

  • Market overview software, services (SaaS) and qualified consultants and integrators
  • Highly transparent comparison of vendors' strengths and weaknesses
  • Clear criteria for short lists and investment planning activities
  • Recommendations to help executives develop their own projects and benchmarks
  • Safer investment decisions

All vendors are divided into the following four categories:


The "leaders" among the vendors have a highly attractive product and service offering and a very strong market and competitive position; they fulfill all requirements for successful market cultivation. They can be regarded as opinion leaders, providing strategic impulses to the market.

Market challenger

„Market challenger“ are also very competitive, but there is still significant portfolio potential and they clearly lag behind the „leaders“.

Product challenger

The “product challengers” offer a product and service portfolio that provides an above-average coverage of corporate requirements, but are not able to provide the same resources and strengths as the leaders regarding the individual market cultivation categories, often due to the respective vendor's weak footprint within the target segment.


„Followers“ are still lacking mature products and services or sufficient depth and breadth of their offering, while also showing weaknesses and improvement potentials in their market cultivation efforts.

Rising Star

A company that has not been positioned in the leader quadrant can receive the "Rising Star" award. These rising stars are vendors or service providers that have made enormous progress during the last twelve months and who can be expected to reach the leader quadrant within the next twelve to twenty-four months.