Freshdesk Launches $10M “Future Fund” To Bring Free Help Desk Support To 500+ Startups



As the technology cloud computing startup boom continues, companies like Freshdesk are identifying opportunistic niches and building on them. Specifically, Freshdesk offers help desk services with a twist – while they offer traditional help desk channels like phone and email, they also support social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Startup company growing requirements are driving the social network providers, like Facebook to add functionality to support new customer communication channels. Back in February Facebook released Brand Pages, which allows customers to send private messages containing sensitive information (like credit card numbers) to product and service providers.

Freshdesk competes directly against Zendesk and Salesforce’s However, with the addition of private messaging and the ability to centrally manage several products and services from one place is (at this point in time) a clear differentiator.

While many of the programs that Freshdesk is offering to startups (like free service for one year) will enhance its market position, Freshdesk believes that the biggest market opportunity down the road will be in offering its brand of cloud customer support to the enterprise. Under its “Future Fund” Freshdesk will provide up to three customer support agents to 501 startups and early-stage businesses.

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The recognition that there is a need to move towards unified communications encompassing both traditional and non-traditional (social networking) channels is a positive one. It is obvious that customers are driving the market and they are using more non-traditional methods to communicate. Experton Group believes that this trend will continue, becoming a base offering for startups and slowly becoming integrated with SMB’s and larger enterprises.

This trend is also evidenced from major players like Microsoft and Google. Both Microsoft 365 and Google Apps offer unified communications as well as there own core applications like document management, presentations and such. These two suites offer voice, instant messaging and email integration. In addition, Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud-based storage service provides connections to Facebook and/or Linkedin. Google offers integration with Facebook as well.

IT executives should be aware of this trend as it could potentially affect current and future design efforts. To stay ahead of the information curve, IT executives should subscribe to vetted information feeds, like CNN so that they can be constantly informed as to new developments and how organizations are making use of new technology.

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