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07-07-2008: Project Financing: Redefining IT Enablement

Experton Group believes IT and financial executives are unable to amply fund new projects due to financial budget constraints as economic uncertainty has caused a majority of enterprises to take a cautious approach and delay to new investments. ...more details

07-07-2008: Promoting IT IP Assets

This research brief discusses the approach IT executives should pursue to get executive management to recognize the importance and value of IT IP assets and the costs associated with enhancing and protecting them. ...more details

23-06-2008: Website Development Best Practices

A client of ours recently asked us to help them find out the Best Practices for the development, maintenance and support of the websites of any corporate entity, in general, and that of a Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in particular. ...more details

23-06-2008: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

A municipal client is looking to enhance its CAFR process. It is interested in what other municipalities are doing in this regard. ...more details

23-06-2008: Five Fundamentals of IT Transformation

Transformation of IT has become a common theme, as more and more IT executives are being asked to transform their organizations to become more agile, energy efficient, and service oriented. ...more details

23-06-2008: Virtualization, SOAs, and Management Miasma

Experton Group Believes IT executives need to understand the management complexities associated with service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and virtualization before they paralyze businesses. ...more details

16-06-2008: Disaster Recovery Testing

This report identifies the methods that are typically used by other organizations with complex computing environments and similar challenges when they test their Disaster Recovery Plan. 

...more details

16-06-2008: Saas Development

Our client is considering moving from a traditional software product development and sales model to a hosted "software as a service" business model. ...more details

16-06-2008: Enterprises Staying with XP

Experton Group believes many corporations chose to forgo moving from Microsoft Corp. Windows XP to Windows Vista until after the arrival of the new operating system's first service pack for fear of unknown issues and compatibilities.  ...more details

16-06-2008: First Steps for Data Center Virtualization

Experton Group has many clients that are running out of space, power and cooling in their data centers. ...more details

10-06-2008: Network Support Alternatives

A higher education client would like us to define five world class network support models that work best in academia. Creating and maintaining a network support organization is the most pervasive and chronic problem; namely because many academic staff and educators do not follow the "rules".  ...more details

10-06-2008: Storage Sizing Strategy

Client Challenge: A higher education client of ours had requested some assistance in assembling a Strategy for Gracefully Accommodating Storage Growth. ...more details

10-06-2008: Planning and Considerations for Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization solutions, including thin client server-based computing products, are maturing and increasingly making their way into enterprise infrastructures as a compelling alternative or adjunct to traditional distributed desktop architectures. ...more details

10-06-2008: Protecting IT Intellectual Property Assets

Experton Group believes most IT organizations have not adequately protected their IT intellectual property (IP) assets. ...more details

02-06-2008: ECM Overview - Update

Recently, a client asked for a mid-level comparison against some of the major players in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market. ...more details

02-06-2008: POS Systems

Over the past two weeks, we have had a few clients ask us about point of sale (POS) Systems. ...more details

02-06-2008: Where Will WiMAX Make it in 2008?

Experton Group believes Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) will start to make some significant inroads in the United States in 2008, but wide adoption will not occur before chipsets are developed that will let end users access this network without any special external appliances. ...more details

02-06-2008: Organizational Models

In an effort to improve compliance, efficiency, productivity, quality, and service to users, a number of business and IT executives are redefining and restructuring their IT organizations. ...more details

26-05-2008: Network Support Alternatives

Recently, a client would like us to give them the five world class network support models that work best in academia. ...more details

26-05-2008: Asset Management Best Practices

A number of our clients have recently looked for guidance on asset policies and enforcement.  ...more details

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