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25-08-2008: Greening of Data Center Survey

Data centers for the last two to three years have been
undergoing a constant struggle in keeping up with power and cooling requirements
for new denser blade servers.
...more details

18-08-2008: Outsourced Rights Management

Over the past several years, challenges from data privacy and security regulations, and the need to defend enterprise technology from disruption have raised the Information Technology infrastructure has grown to new heights of complexity. ...more details

18-08-2008: DRP Active-Active vs. Active-Passive

Client wanted to get information regarding active-active approach vs. active -passive approach in disaster recovery planning (DRP) projects. ...more details

18-08-2008: Netbook or Not?

Though the business adoption lags somewhat behind consumer purchases of notebooks, mobile PCs now account for 40 percent of total corporate PC purchases. ...more details

18-08-2008: Key to Reducing IT Expenditures

Experton Group Believes large enterprises are still spending too much on their IT operational expenditures (OpEx). ...more details

11-08-2008: Job Scheduling

We received a request from one of our clients for an updated view of product offerings in the job scheduling space. ...more details

11-08-2008: Wireless Adoption Continues to Mature

Experton Group believes wireless technologies will continue to mature, with Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) finally starting to gain a foothold in the United States. ...more details

11-08-2008: The ABCs of Server CPAs

Data centers of virtually all companies are populated with a myriad of server platforms of all types and sizes. For the most part this patchwork quilt of server farms was the outgrowth of narrowly defined needs or an explosion of demand for selected applications. ...more details

04-08-2008: Audio Conferencing Options for International

Identify the viability of conference calls in a company with a small but growing footprint internationally. ...more details

04-08-2008: Web Sales Application Connecting to SAP R/3

Our client is looking for a web sales application that will connect to their global SAP R/3 ERP system. ...more details

04-08-2008: Low-Hanging Fruit for Energy Savings: Data Centers

Data centers are by far the most conspicuous consumers of electricity; IT executives should understand that many options exist to contain exploding costs related to power and cooling, server, and storage sprawl. ...more details

04-08-2008: Issues to Consider for Data Center Migration

Experton Group has many clients that are running out of space, power and cooling in their data centers. In an effort to maximize usage of existing power and space, some of Experton Group's clients are asking for assistance in how to reorganize systems in their data centers. ...more details

01-08-2008: Quo Vadis FSC?

At present, there is much, but rather untargeted
speculation – a good time for Experton Group to analyze the situation and potential options
...more details

28-07-2008: Approaches to Protecting Servers from Malware

Currently a client of ours is scanning their Windows servers remotely using McAfee Viruscan 8.0i which they have outgrown and feel is not doing an adequate job in protecting their Windows servers. ...more details

28-07-2008: Software Upgrade Template

One of our clients recently asked for software upgrade templates and guidelines. They were using these as an insurance policy against missing an important step in the process. ...more details

28-07-2008: Low-Hanging Fruit for Energy Savings – Client Systems and Consumables

Client Challenges: Economic uncertainty and budgetary pressures are putting increasing pressures on financial and IT executives to stretch strained budgets. ...more details

28-07-2008: Linux versus Solaris – the Winner is?

Experton Group Believes Linux and Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Solaris are complete and capable server operating systems. Each has an appropriate role in an enterprise IT environment, but enterprises should avoid using both, if possible. ...more details

21-07-2008: Organizational Productivity: Effective Collaboration

With the introduction of Enterprise 2.0 and the expectation of improved social-networking and collaboration, it is important to re-visit some of the rules and guidelines that help an enterprise achieve effective collaboration and teamwork. ...more details

21-07-2008: The Applications Business Review: Rationale and Overview

In spite of the oft-repeated statement that “IT should be aligned with the business,” many IT organizations are not fully aligned with – sometimes even isolated from – key parts of the enterprise. ...more details

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