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26-05-2008: Network Support Alternatives

Recently, a client would like us to give them the five world class network support models that work best in academia. ...more details

26-05-2008: Asset Management Best Practices

A number of our clients have recently looked for guidance on asset policies and enforcement.  ...more details

26-05-2008: An Examination of Desktop Virtualization in Financial Institutions

Experton Group believes desktop virtualization will become a mainstream technology within the next three years as financial institutions leverage Web 2.0 technologies, seek better security, look to minimize risks and eliminate data duplication and integrity issues, and reduce overall costs of operations. ...more details

26-05-2008: Virtualization Trends

Client Challenge: Experton Group has many clients looking at the new wave of virtualization products and services that are coming on to the market. ...more details

19-05-2008: Contact Center Two Pack

We recently had two different inquiries that addressed different aspects of contact center operations. ...more details

19-05-2008: Database Encryption Best Practices

In response to a recent audit, our client needs to protect their critical data, i.e., customer information, in Oracle and SQL server. ...more details

19-05-2008: Trends in Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization solutions have been around in various incarnations since the 1990s when the first of the latest wave of thin client products came on the scene. ...more details

19-05-2008: HP Services Bulks Up with EDS

Experton Group Believes Hewlett Packard Co.'s acquisition of Electronic Data Systems Corp. (EDS) puts HP squarely in the services camp, but poses the question "can HP transform itself from a product company to a services company?" ...more details

12-05-2008: Open Source Policy

Open Source Policy clearly describes the rules limiting the risks related to acquisition and use of open-source software. ...more details

12-05-2008: Peer InSite - Academic eMail Alternatives

Client Challenge: In the January 11, 2008 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education there is an article that begins on page 1 on “Colleges Get Out of E-Mail Business.” ...more details

12-05-2008: Trends in "Green" Computing

Experton Group believes much progress has been made in efficiency across all elements of the data center. ...more details

12-05-2008: Chargeback Models

Enterprises are still struggling with creating equitable chargeback methodologies that business executives will accept and allow to be implemented. ...more details

05-05-2008: The Open Groupware Architectural Framework

The objective of this inquiry is to learn more about The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). ...more details

05-05-2008: Application Testing and Performance

Recently, one of our clients asked for guidance on reducing the amount of time spent performing testing. ...more details

05-05-2008: Is it Time for Web 2.0 Collaboration?

Experton Group believes corporations should be piloting and deploying Web 2.0 collaborative service offerings to enable user bases with diverse differences in function, geography, and perspective to exchange ideas across the corporation. ...more details

05-05-2008: Sizing Enterprise Systems Management Platforms

An Experton Group client wanted to know what the appropriate costs were for network management systems for their organization. ...more details

28-04-2008: Software Development Documentation – Part III

Over the past few years, Experton Group has had a number of requests for assistance in documenting their system software requirements. ...more details

28-04-2008: Internet/Intranet Best Practices

Our client is in the process of redesigning their internal (Intranet) and their external (Internet) web sites. ...more details

28-04-2008: Business Uses of High Performance Computing

Clients have inquired of Experton Group what some of the reasons are that a company might want to use high performance computing (HPC) equipment. ...more details

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