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28-09-2009: CEO, CFO, CIO, CxO Alignment – a New Game Plan

Experton Group believes the corporate business model transformations and the drive to strengthen company balance sheets are forcing IT executives to formulate new alignment game plans so that IT can meet business requirements in 2010 and beyond. ...more details

28-09-2009: New Data Center Efficiency Options: Metrics and Technology

Experton Group believes that data center managers will continue looking for ways to increase the efficiency of existing systems, while at the same time developing new data centers with a new "green" paradigm. ...more details

28-09-2009: International Voice and Data

For anyone that travels globally, there are at least three main issues with mobile communication, namely access, cost and logistics. ...more details

21-09-2009: Leveraging Certified Pre-Owned IT Equipment

Experton Group believes certified pre-owned equipment can play a valuable strategic and tactical role in IT operations, as enterprises struggle to meet new business demands with limited available funding, tight credit markets, and constrained resources. ...more details

21-09-2009: How Things Work – Data Center Management Suites

Recently, Experton Group received an inquiry regarding nlyte, a vendor that
enables management and control of the data center. This raised a question
about how far tools have come over the last few years.
...more details

21-09-2009: Adapting Data Center Networking for Virtualization

Many IT executives have started to implement virtualization on a large scale in their data centers. ...more details

14-09-2009: The Face of 4G

This week sees the 4G World event taking place in Chicago ...more details

14-09-2009: Web Services – Cost (internal)/Price (External) Determination

Over the past year or so, Experton Group has received a
number of inquiries where organizations are looking to either engage a SaaS
service provider or become a SaaS service provider themselves.
...more details

14-09-2009: Used Equipment – a Rose is a Rose is a Rose?

Client Challenge: In the quest to rapidly provision equipment or cut expenses, clients are turning to used equipment to fill the gap. ...more details

14-09-2009: Best Practices for Migrating Storage Arrays

Experton Group believes that detailed planning and cross-departmental
coordination are keys to successful migration of storage systems.
...more details

08-09-2009: Root Cause Analysis vs. Safety Management

Recently, Experton Group received a request for information on Root Cause Analysis software with respect to safety management. The following is a brief summary of the major vendors in this area. ...more details

08-09-2009: Check Printing Software Contrast and Compare

A client of ours is looking for check printing software to be used by their  Accounts Payable department. ...more details

08-09-2009: Reviewing VOIP Services

Many IT executives are in the process of migrating legacy
telephony services to data-based telephony services using voice over the
Internet Protocol (VOIP).
...more details

08-09-2009: Cloud Computing – Risky Business?

Experton Group believes the hype about the agility and financial benefits of
clouds has overshadowed the downside of cloud computing, especially the risks
to business continuity and asset protection.
...more details

31-08-2009: Always On Data Center Practices and Tools

A client of ours was interested in practices and tools that can be used to make sure that the data center is always available to support any enterprise. ...more details

31-08-2009: Analysis of Microsoft Online Services

Experton Group believes that more service providers and software vendors are going to adopt software as a service (SaaS) model for delivering software. ...more details

31-08-2009: zLinux Acceptance and Penetration

Clients are now evaluating porting a number of Sun applications over to either IBM Corp.'s System z mainframe or x86-architeced Linux processors. ...more details

24-08-2009: Project Prioritization

One of our clients was interested in obtaining a simple, straight forward tool to assist in the prioritization of projects. The tool had to contain key decision criteria to help in quantifying the rank of each individual project. ...more details

24-08-2009: Effective Enterprise Architecture Groups

Experton Group believes IT executives can better ensure the alignment of IT with business strategies by establishing and enforcing a closed-loop business-IT requirements/development process under the governance of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) group. ...more details

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