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02-11-2009: Leased x86 Blade Swaps To Grow – A Best Practice

Experton Group believes the conventional and accepted approach of building out x86-based blade server farms by provisioning additional purchased blade servers when needed proves to be a poor practice for blade server management. ...more details

02-11-2009: Low-End Storage Service Providers

Our client is interested in looking at low end storage service provider solutions in Europe. One of the requests is that the storage service provider has services for Switzerland. ...more details

26-10-2009: Electronic Door Entry Systems

Our client has requested Experture conduct research on electronic access door entry systems for a mixed environment of residence halls, library, common area facilities and several science labs. ...more details

26-10-2009: Desktop Video

Please evaluate Microsoft (OCS) and IBM (Lotus Sametime). ...more details

26-10-2009: Serena Mashup Review

The client is evaluating the product Serena Business Mashup for their software development processes. ...more details

26-10-2009: Oracle: A Delphic Outlook

Experton Group believes the acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc. will not significantly change the way Oracle Corp. conducts its business. ...more details

19-10-2009: Data Center Management (DCM)

A client of ours was wondering if they could get some research and recommendation for products that would provide monitoring capabilities in the Operations Center of a Data Center? ...more details

19-10-2009: Change Data Capture Vendor Contrast and Compare

Our client is looking at validating the key vendors in the Change Data Capture market. ...more details

19-10-2009: Microsoft Licensing Considerations

With the advent of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 7 release many clients are re-evaluating their Enterprise Agreement, Select Agreement and Software Assurance licensing strategies. ...more details

19-10-2009: eDiscovery Tool Comparison

A client of ours had a new request in regards to some eDiscovery tools that their Legal team was looking into. ...more details

13-10-2009: IT Operations as a Cloud Business Model

Experton Group believes the adoption of a cloud computing business model disruptively impacts all areas of IT – people, processes, and technology as well as administration, development, finance, and operations. ...more details

13-10-2009: Establishing and Managing Enterprise-Wide Programs

At some point in time many IT executives will be asked to establish and manage an enterprise-wide program. ...more details

13-10-2009: e-Policy Discussion and Guidelines

Our corporate “acceptable usage” policy needs an overhaul, both in terms of what we prohibit, but perhaps more importantly, what we allow. ...more details

13-10-2009: Analysis of Leading Storage Vendors

Our client is interested in analyzing the leading storage vendors. ...more details

05-10-2009: Hosted Call Accounting Contrast and Compare

Our client was reviewing an in-house call accounting software package and was curious if there were any Software as a Service (SaaS) alternatives. ...more details

05-10-2009: Actualizing Storage Efficiencies

Client Challenges: Some IT executives are concerned about the double-digit growth rate of their storage systems. ...more details

05-10-2009: Build vs. Buy Applications or Anything…

We have a client that is working on a project to come up with guidelines,
procedures and ultimately a template that will help us in making build vs. buy
...more details

05-10-2009: Local Print Processing in PDF Format: iText vs. Adobe Livecycle

Our client plans to implement a pdf generating tool into new customer related software for product offering and sales. ...more details

28-09-2009: CEO, CFO, CIO, CxO Alignment – a New Game Plan

Experton Group believes the corporate business model transformations and the drive to strengthen company balance sheets are forcing IT executives to formulate new alignment game plans so that IT can meet business requirements in 2010 and beyond. ...more details

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