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24-08-2009: Project Prioritization

One of our clients was interested in obtaining a simple, straight forward tool to assist in the prioritization of projects. The tool had to contain key decision criteria to help in quantifying the rank of each individual project. ...more details

24-08-2009: Effective Enterprise Architecture Groups

Experton Group believes IT executives can better ensure the alignment of IT with business strategies by establishing and enforcing a closed-loop business-IT requirements/development process under the governance of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) group. ...more details

24-08-2009: ARP Attack Protection

The client is looking for an easy to administrate tool for network access control. ...more details

24-08-2009: Changes to the Wireless Security Landscape

The number of networking technologies that exist continue to increase, and the security threats are growing across the enterprise. ...more details

17-08-2009: Nokia Office Deal Sounds Early Death Knell For Windows Mobile

Microsofts alliance with Nokia last week, to bring the Office suite to the Finnish giant‘s handsets and potentially work on broader future initiatives, is more than a glimmer. ...more details

17-08-2009: Blade vs. Rack-Mounted Servers

A few of our clients have inquired about a simple one-to-one comparison of
blades vs. traditional rack mounted servers.
...more details

17-08-2009: Best Practices for Creative Financing

Experton Group believes alternative financing methods that forgo or delay
upfront costs can help to reduce capital and operational expenses
...more details

17-08-2009: Staffing and Managing the Virtualized Data Center

Experton Group believes that the increased use of virtualization will influence
all elements of data center management, including staffing.
...more details

10-08-2009: Oracle ELA versus ULA Contract

Client Challenge: Oracle offers its customers multiple contract options, two of
which are the enterprise license agreement (ELA) and the unlimited license
agreement (ULA).
...more details

10-08-2009: CIO Lessons Learned from Data Center Consolidations

A number of our clients have embarked on evaluating consolidation of data
centers as a first step towards virtualization.
...more details

10-08-2009: Citrix, Ceedo, Virtualization and Blade Servers

Recently, Experton Group received an inquiry on the following:
Topic 1: Comparison - Citrix vs. Ceedo – at the moment the client has Ceedo as
a front end for their sales team
...more details

10-08-2009: Managing a Virtualized Data Center

Client Challenges: IT executives have pursued virtualization as a major way to
optimize resource use in their data centers.
...more details

03-08-2009: Multi-Level Security Architecture – Frequently Asked Questions

This is Part 3 of a recent inquiry on multi-level security architecture. ...more details

03-08-2009: Building a Cost Effective Data Center

Experton Group believes that the shift in focus for data center efficiency is a long-term trend, which will remain a core factor even after the economy improves. ...more details

03-08-2009: NEON's zPrime – Zaps Mainframe Costs?

On June 30, 2009 NEON Enterprise Software Inc. unveiled a mainframe software product, zPrime, which the company claims could reduce mainframe costs by 20 percent or more. ...more details

03-08-2009: US Cellco Special Focus

The largest three US cellcos have reported their quarterly results in the past week, as well as a series of deals and handset plans ...more details

27-07-2009: Multi-Level Security Architecture – Policy and Procedures

This is Part 2 of a recent inquiry on multi-level security architecture. ...more details

27-07-2009: Multi-Level Security Architecture – Best Practices

Our client wants a best practice for a multilevel security architecture consisting of ASA 55xx Firewallsystem, BlueCoat Proxyserver and Tippingpoint IPS ...more details

27-07-2009: Migrating to Managed Services

IT executives are looking at managed services as a way to save money on operational (and sometimes capital) costs. ...more details

27-07-2009: Accounting for Unavailability in TCO Analysis

There are a number of differing opinions on how to account for unplanned system downtime when doing a return on investment (ROI) or total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis. ...more details

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