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26-07-2010: The Next Wave in Data Center Transformation: IBM zEnterprise

New applications are usually implemented quickly by placing them on new sets of hardware and software that do not necessarily integrate with the existing environment, which increases acquisition and management costs and reduces flexibility. ...more details

26-07-2010: IBM (Cognos) vs. Oracle Reporting Capabilities

A client of ours was looking for information and best practice recommendations to support a cost/benefits analysis between IBM and Oracle. ...more details

22-07-2010: Project Portfolio Management

Experton Group has received an influx of inquiries regarding project portfolio management best practices, strategies, and tools. ...more details

19-07-2010: Success for WP7 will be all about cloud integration

As the release of Windows Phone 7 draws closer, Microsoft is doing a surprisingly good job of building positive anticipation and winning developer support ...more details

19-07-2010: Location-Based Advertising

Our client is interested in the latest developments in GPS advertising. ...more details

19-07-2010: Mastering the Art of Project Management

Experton Group believes project management has received a great deal of attention in the press, but the reality of mastering the discipline has been an elusive goal for organizations to attain. ...more details

12-07-2010: HDBaseT emerges at 10 Gbps, ready to take on HDMI and MoCA

HDBaseT, which we have been following for just over a year, is gradually reaching maturity ...more details

12-07-2010: Third-Party Prescription Receivables Solutions

This project is designed to articulate the costs and benefits of three business alternatives for managing this functional area ...more details

12-07-2010: SeaMicro – Changing the Ground Rules

Experton Group believes SeaMicro Inc.'s radical scale-out server technology drastically changes the ground rules for architecting energy-efficient servers optimized for running Internet and Web-enabled workloads. ...more details

07-06-2010: Global Wan Negotiation Partner Identification

We have a client who is currently preparing for a global WAN negotiation and they are looking for a negotiation partner. ...more details

07-06-2010: Data Center Energy Efficiency Metrics

Data center executives are becoming more in tune with the need to improve on energy conservation within and across data centers. ...more details

07-06-2010: Hosted Call Accounting Contrast and Compare

We have a client who had us revisit an inquiry that we performed for them last year ...more details

01-06-2010: Import/Export Laws

A client of ours was looking for research on the general topic of export/import laws in connection with users having remote access to software from international locations, with an emphasis on the laws of India and the US. ...more details

01-06-2010: Health Plan Core Administration Applications

A client of ours wanted a contrast and comparison of the health plan core administration applications market. ...more details

01-06-2010: Crafting a Data Center Energy Efficiency Strategy

Experton Group believes IT executives must craft a data center energy efficiency strategy that yields energy savings year after year and keeps the enterprise ahead of potential regulatory dictates. ...more details

24-05-2010: The Future of HP Integrity Servers

Experton Group believes Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) is committed to developing and delivering differentiated Integrity servers and its HP-UX operating system well into the future. ...more details

24-05-2010: Storage Considerations

The following questions arose during the storage selection workshop: ...more details

24-05-2010: Vendor Analysis and Roadmap

Recently, a client of ours asked for an analysis of a technology vendor in the healthcare space. ...more details

17-05-2010: Tapfin vs. IQN

A client of ours was interested in the comparison of Tapfin and IQN in this industry. ...more details

17-05-2010: AMD vs. Intel

A client of ours was interested in what part of a workstation decision was based on the chip manufacturer’s roadmap. ...more details

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