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18-10-2010: Top IT Companies – Revolving Doors

Experton Group believes an analysis of the top global IT companies shows that survival at the top requires agility, a dynamic business model and huge doses of innovation. ...more details

11-10-2010: HCM Strategies 2010-2020 (Part 2)

This series of articles explains the HCM strategy for small- to mid-sized firms for the years 2010-2020. ...more details

11-10-2010: In-House Developed Application System Valuation

A client of ours wanted to determine what the price point should be for their internally developed software package. ...more details

11-10-2010: Bending the Transactions per Watt Curves

IT and vendor hardware and software executives have been locked into some troubling server transaction/watt facts ...more details

04-10-2010: Environmental Performance Management

Experton Group believes sustainability is rapidly becoming an important corporate performance metric that stakeholders, outside influencers, and even financial markets have begun to track. ...more details

20-09-2010: Data Center Selection Criteria

The data center selection process today is more complex than ever due to the myriad of options in the selection criteria. ...more details

20-09-2010: Rewards and Recognition Program Support

One of our clients has decided to implement a program that provides monetary incentives and public recognition for employees that exceed performance goals. ...more details

01-09-2010: Employee Referral Systems

A client of ours is looking into systems that enable employee referrals and references. ...more details

01-09-2010: Middleware Migration Comparison

A client of ours needs to migrate off of their middleware platform due to technical obsolescence and discontinuation of support from acquiring vendor. ...more details

01-09-2010: Data Center of the Future: Lean and Green

Experton Group believes enterprises large and small are recognizing the need to change their approaches to data centers and information processing ...more details

30-08-2010: Labor Rate Comparison

Over the past few years, Experton Group has been approached to benchmark staffing vendor rates against geographic labor benchmarks. ...more details

24-08-2010: Buyer Beware

Experton Group believes IT executives are entering an era of uncertainty when it comes to locking in deals with IT vendors. ...more details

16-08-2010: Variable Compensation Support Services

A few of our clients have recently inquired about variable or incentive-based compensation. ...more details

16-08-2010: Remote Training Alternatives

Our client needs a high-level overview on the various approaches to delivering training remotely. ...more details

16-08-2010: Backup – Recovery Considerations

One of the backbones to having a quality IT operation is an outstanding backup and recovery process. ...more details

09-08-2010: Server Virtualization – Contrast and Compare

Experton Group has a client that needed to see the differences between the various virtualization solutions. ...more details

09-08-2010: Zero Client: One Thin Client Alternative

Although it is not an entirely new concept, zero-client technology is gaining momentum. ...more details

09-08-2010: The Value of Information Governance

Experton Group believes information governance can directly contribute to top and bottom line financial results as well as improve IT productivity. ...more details

02-08-2010: Social Computing Comes of Age

Experton Group recently had an inquiry to find social networking/computing service providers. ...more details

02-08-2010: Opinion - Drupal vs. .Net

One of our clients needs other perspectives on their .Net vs. Drupal debate. ...more details

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