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19-04-2010: Marketing Resource Management

A client is in the early stages of looking for a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system. ...more details

12-04-2010: Real Time Messaging & E-mail Confirmation

Our client is looking to evaluate vendors who can provide near real time customer communication via email and/or text messaging for transaction confirmation and status of orders placed via their e-commerce website. ...more details

12-04-2010: Audio Conferencing Security

Need to discuss security standards in the audio conferencing industry, more specifically, industry standard practices around password aging and intuitive password security? ...more details

12-04-2010: Contracted IT Service Organization

We recently had a client request a breakdown of the services needed to support an IT organization where all of the services are outsourced. The following is the result of that study. ...more details

12-04-2010: Intel's New Chip Strategy

Experton Group believes Intel Corp. has declared its x86-architected microprocessors to be their general-purpose high-end powerhouse processors but will not be phasing out the Itanium line until the end of the decade. ...more details

05-04-2010: Service Cost Benchmarks

A client of ours is looking for cost benchmarks so that they can determine if their spend on support, enterprise-wide services is in line with other state governments and/or external service providers. ...more details

05-04-2010: The Art of Pricing – Handheld Scanners

One of our clients recently asked Experton Group to confirm market pricing for a handheld scanner ...more details

05-04-2010: Leased x86 Blade Swaps To Grow – A Best Practice – Revised

Experton Group believes the conventional and accepted approach of building out x86-based blade server farms by provisioning additional purchased blade servers when needed proves to be a poor practice for blade server management. ...more details

30-03-2010: IT Management Best Practices – Revisited

While a study of IT management best practices is useful for CIOs in evaluating those technologies and processes that are actually creating value for enterprises and those that are not, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a “fit” within your organization. ...more details

30-03-2010: The Real Returns on Green Data Centers

Experton Group believes IT executives under-reported the sustainability gains of the improvements in their data centers; additionally, most executives also failed to take advantage of all the potential gains due to business constraints, political issues or incomplete business cases. ...more details

22-03-2010: PC Leasing Trumps Purchasing

Experton Group believes a PC lease-and-refresh strategy can yield a total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of up to 15 percent (possibly more) over a purchase-and-hold strategy over a five year period. ...more details

22-03-2010: TNZ Conjures Up Carriers Worst Fears Data Storms and Outsourcing Risks

New Zealand is rarely regarded as the hub of the wireless industry, but in the past couple of months its incumbent telco has been one of those uncomfortable presences that make us face up to our worst fears. ...more details

15-03-2010: Cisco's Internet Game Changer Is a Huge Router

In building up anticipation of its launch event yesterday, Apple-style, Cisco only created disappointment that something more revolutionary was not on display. ...more details

15-03-2010: Slate Wars Start, and Kindle May Get Full Browser

Apple’s iPad may not have made the same splash as its previous gadgets, but its timing remains impeccable. The first advert for the tablet, which is now confirmed for US shipment on April 3, cropped up by surprise during the Oscars ceremony on Sunday night. ...more details

15-03-2010: Strategic Planning for the Next Decade (Part 2)

Experton Group Believes enterprises will have to deal with weak economies, occasional economic upheavals and rapidly changing technology over the next five to 10 years and must plan accordingly. ...more details

08-03-2010: Apple case against HTC could be the defining patent case for touch

We must admit that the issue of Apple patents in interface design is rather a vexatious one and it is so because of how patent law tends to work. ...more details

08-03-2010: Robotics

A client of ours wanted a list of a of couple firms that can build industrial design prototypes. ...more details

08-03-2010: Microsoft Licensing Options

A number of companies are now examining their licensing options for Microsoft Corp. ...more details

22-02-2010: RFI information – Country Specific

A client of ours would like to know what to ask for in an RFI
that needs to be country specific.
...more details

22-02-2010: Market Opportunities and Industry Perspectives

The following presentation was given to a group of system integrators who are trying to determine what the potential opportunity is for a Data Center Trusted Advisor. ...more details

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