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20-09-2010: Rewards and Recognition Program Support

One of our clients has decided to implement a program that provides monetary incentives and public recognition for employees that exceed performance goals. ...more details

01-09-2010: Employee Referral Systems

A client of ours is looking into systems that enable employee referrals and references. ...more details

01-09-2010: Middleware Migration Comparison

A client of ours needs to migrate off of their middleware platform due to technical obsolescence and discontinuation of support from acquiring vendor. ...more details

01-09-2010: Data Center of the Future: Lean and Green

Experton Group believes enterprises large and small are recognizing the need to change their approaches to data centers and information processing ...more details

30-08-2010: Labor Rate Comparison

Over the past few years, Experton Group has been approached to benchmark staffing vendor rates against geographic labor benchmarks. ...more details

24-08-2010: Buyer Beware

Experton Group believes IT executives are entering an era of uncertainty when it comes to locking in deals with IT vendors. ...more details

16-08-2010: Variable Compensation Support Services

A few of our clients have recently inquired about variable or incentive-based compensation. ...more details

16-08-2010: Remote Training Alternatives

Our client needs a high-level overview on the various approaches to delivering training remotely. ...more details

16-08-2010: Backup – Recovery Considerations

One of the backbones to having a quality IT operation is an outstanding backup and recovery process. ...more details

09-08-2010: Server Virtualization – Contrast and Compare

Experton Group has a client that needed to see the differences between the various virtualization solutions. ...more details

09-08-2010: Zero Client: One Thin Client Alternative

Although it is not an entirely new concept, zero-client technology is gaining momentum. ...more details

09-08-2010: The Value of Information Governance

Experton Group believes information governance can directly contribute to top and bottom line financial results as well as improve IT productivity. ...more details

02-08-2010: Social Computing Comes of Age

Experton Group recently had an inquiry to find social networking/computing service providers. ...more details

02-08-2010: Opinion - Drupal vs. .Net

One of our clients needs other perspectives on their .Net vs. Drupal debate. ...more details

02-08-2010: Baselining the Cost of IT

Experton Group  believes IT executives should be prepared to develop and provide high-level metrics that demonstrate the value of IT to the rest of the organization. ...more details

26-07-2010: IBM's zEnterprise – A Catalyst for Transforming the Data Center

Experton Group believes IBM Corp.'s zEnterprise mainframe computer system is a catalyst for transforming the data center from loosely-coupled heterogeneous islands of computing to tightly-coupled heterogeneous integrated server platforms. ...more details

26-07-2010: The Next Wave in Data Center Transformation: IBM zEnterprise

New applications are usually implemented quickly by placing them on new sets of hardware and software that do not necessarily integrate with the existing environment, which increases acquisition and management costs and reduces flexibility. ...more details

26-07-2010: IBM (Cognos) vs. Oracle Reporting Capabilities

A client of ours was looking for information and best practice recommendations to support a cost/benefits analysis between IBM and Oracle. ...more details

22-07-2010: Project Portfolio Management

Experton Group has received an influx of inquiries regarding project portfolio management best practices, strategies, and tools. ...more details

19-07-2010: Success for WP7 will be all about cloud integration

As the release of Windows Phone 7 draws closer, Microsoft is doing a surprisingly good job of building positive anticipation and winning developer support ...more details

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