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01-06-2010: Import/Export Laws

A client of ours was looking for research on the general topic of export/import laws in connection with users having remote access to software from international locations, with an emphasis on the laws of India and the US. ...more details

01-06-2010: Health Plan Core Administration Applications

A client of ours wanted a contrast and comparison of the health plan core administration applications market. ...more details

01-06-2010: Crafting a Data Center Energy Efficiency Strategy

Experton Group believes IT executives must craft a data center energy efficiency strategy that yields energy savings year after year and keeps the enterprise ahead of potential regulatory dictates. ...more details

24-05-2010: The Future of HP Integrity Servers

Experton Group believes Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) is committed to developing and delivering differentiated Integrity servers and its HP-UX operating system well into the future. ...more details

24-05-2010: Storage Considerations

The following questions arose during the storage selection workshop: ...more details

24-05-2010: Vendor Analysis and Roadmap

Recently, a client of ours asked for an analysis of a technology vendor in the healthcare space. ...more details

17-05-2010: Tapfin vs. IQN

A client of ours was interested in the comparison of Tapfin and IQN in this industry. ...more details

17-05-2010: AMD vs. Intel

A client of ours was interested in what part of a workstation decision was based on the chip manufacturer’s roadmap. ...more details

17-05-2010: Leased x86 Rack and Tower Swaps – A Best Practice

Experton Group believes the conventional and accepted approach of building out x86-based rack and/or tower server farms by provisioning additional purchased servers when needed proves to be a poor practice for rack and tower server management. ...more details

05-05-2010: Workstation Management

Our client is interested in knowing what other organizations their size            are doing regarding allocation of laptops and managing HW/SW. ...more details

05-05-2010: Application Virtualization

A client of ours was recently interested in obtaining a list of characteristics that would guide application virtualization initiatives. ...more details

04-05-2010: 11 Reasons to Lease

While the economy is improving, many clients remain under great pressure to reduce their capital and operational expenditures without sacrificing the enterprise's ability to meet its business needs and strategies. ...more details

26-04-2010: Collaborative Reporting

Earlier this year, a client requested that Experton Group perform a contrast and compare on different Reporting Systems. ...more details

26-04-2010: Leased x86 Blade Swaps To Grow – A Best Practice – Detailed Report

Experton Group believes the conventional and accepted approach of building out x86-based blade server farms by provisioning additional purchased blade servers when needed proves to be a poor practice for blade server management. ...more details

19-04-2010: Audio Conferencing Price Benchmarks

A client of ours uses audio conferencing on a toll and toll-free reservationless basis and would like to know if there are any benchmarks available in this area.

...more details

19-04-2010: Is Satellite-Based WAN As Good As Mobile (Cell) -Based WAN in Consideration of Availability and Stability?

The client sought a comparison of Satellite versus Mobile WAN technologies on the basis of availability and stability. ...more details

19-04-2010: Driver License Scanning Solutions

We would like to have some way to scan information from the drivers licenses barcode (or whatever) to save time from manually having to type this in.  ...more details

19-04-2010: Marketing Resource Management

A client is in the early stages of looking for a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system. ...more details

12-04-2010: Real Time Messaging & E-mail Confirmation

Our client is looking to evaluate vendors who can provide near real time customer communication via email and/or text messaging for transaction confirmation and status of orders placed via their e-commerce website. ...more details

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