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27-05-2011: Leadership Series: Organizational Effectiveness

Experton Group believes that HR functions need to be enhanced to meet turbulence in the current business environment around technology, business climate, globalization and business organization. ...more details

27-05-2011: Backup/Recovery Software Evaluation Criteria

Backup and recovery software for enterprise systems, and most particularly Intel-architected servers, come in a variety of flavors and options. ...more details

19-05-2011: Intel Takes On ARM By Tearing Up Its “Inadequate” Atom Roadmap

Amid high hopes for the firm’s ability to make Atom truly mobile friendly with its new manufacturing processes, CEO Paul Otellini promised to rewrite the “inadequate” roadmap for the smartphone world. ...more details

19-05-2011: Metrics and Measures

Experton Group was asked to assist a client in setting up a measurement process where the client could track and monitor its progress relative to client service delivery objectives. ...more details

19-05-2011: Perspective – EMC 2011

Experton Group believes EMC Corp. has greatly evolved its vision of the corporate IT environment over the past 12 months to now embrace hybrid clouds and big data. ...more details

11-05-2011: Ericom vs. Citrix

A client of ours is looking for a contrast and comparison between Citrix and Ericom.

...more details

11-05-2011: Client Device Replacement Methodology

A client of ours is looking for an equitable client device (desktops, laptops, etc.) replacement methodology that will address departmental inventory age differences, user device types and budgetary constraints. ...more details

11-05-2011: Netbooks and Tablets in the Enterprise

Tablets have gotten a lot of attention since Apple Inc. first introduced the iPad.  ...more details

04-05-2011: Technology Application – Amazon Cloud Lessons

 The recent failure of the Amazon Web Services’ Cloud has raised many questions, among both the IT and the general business community, including even the continuing viability of the cloud computing model.  ...more details

04-05-2011: Barcoding

We have a client that needs information on manufacturers that support hand-held scanning devices that attached to smartphones.  ...more details

04-05-2011: PUE Is Not Enough

ata center and facilities managers are making progress on improving their enterprises' energy efficiency ...more details

27-04-2011: Gmail vs. Exchange/Outlook

A client of ours is interested in a feature and cost comparison between Microsoft Exchange/Outlook vs. Google Gmail. ...more details

27-04-2011: Leadership Series: Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management for Projects, Assets, Risk & Opportunity ...more details

27-04-2011: Reducing Retention Risks

Data and record retention shortcomings are exposing enterprises to unnecessary risks. ...more details

20-04-2011: Onboarding

We have a client who is interested in comparing SaaS solutions for Onboarding functions.

...more details

20-04-2011: The Resilient Mainframe

IT executives are re-examining their target architectures and platforms.  ...more details

19-04-2011: Black Swan Trends

This is the tenth of ten research notes that provide insight into information technology trends over the next 10 years. ...more details

13-04-2011: Human Being, Organization Trends

This is the ninth of ten research notes that provide insight into information technology trends over the next 10 years. ...more details

13-04-2011: Do More with Less – Facilities

Data center and facilities managers remain under pressure to "do more with less" as part of the corporate directives to reduce expenditures. ...more details

06-04-2011: WCM Showdown: Sitecode vs Ektron

A client of ours was interested in the difference between two CMS providers, namely Sitecore vs. Ektron. ...more details

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