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07-07-2014: Growth, Losses and Shrinkage

Oracle Corp. reported poor fourth quarter and fiscal 2014 revenue results while Workday Inc. posted strong first quarter 2015 revenue growth but continuing losses. In other business news, worldwide external disk storage revenues fell at a rate not seen since 2009. ...more details

07-07-2014: Data Center of the Future: Agile, Lean, Green & Unbounded

The cloud computing model is forcing IT executives to reevalaute their approaches to data centers, resulting in new designs and systematic ways to reduce personnel and processing costs. ...more details

07-07-2014: Cybersecurity and the Cloud Multiplier Effect

Business and IT executives should work together to aggressively establish processes, procedures, and technology that will minimize the risk exposures to levels deemed acceptable. ...more details

16-06-2014: Protecting Net Neutrality?

A new FCC-backed net neutrality rule threatens the open Internet by allowing forms of discrimination and blocking. ...more details

16-06-2014: Tech Winners and Losers – Part 2

As one peels back the layers it is not clear who the winners and losers are. ...more details

16-06-2014: Tech Winners and Losers

The recent announcements addressing Hewlett-Packard Co.’s (HP) and IBM Corp.’s quarterly results and the Microsoft Corp./ deal suggest that the old guard is slipping away and being replaced by a new guard and different business model. ...more details

12-05-2014: Surviving the End of XP

The end of support for Microsoft Corp.’s Windows XP operating system leaves many enterprises greatly exposed to forthcoming security risks. ...more details

12-05-2014: IBM Power8 Poised To Replace x86?

The business community's IT server business model is predicated upon the price/performance of Intel Corp.'s x86 server chips declining year-over-year, which is no longer happening. ...more details

12-05-2014: HP Helion Rising

HP Helion encompasses its hybrid cloud approach and portfolio of offerings. It will bring together under one roof all of HP's cloud products and services and extends it to create an HP Helion OpenStack Community. HP's action should simply enterpris ...more details

21-04-2014: Stopping Heartbleed

The Heartbleed bug is the most significantly exploitable Internet vulnerability to come about in several years and requires necessary action. ...more details

21-04-2014: CEOs, CMOs and the Importance of Technology

Business and IT executives need to collaborate to determine how and where to incorporate the latest technologies into the business so that their firms can take a leadership role and grow market share. ...more details

21-04-2014: IBM Mainframe: 50 Years Young and Still Evolving

The mainframe share of servers may be small but they process 30 billion business transactions per day and 80 percent of the world's corporate data resides or originates on them. ...more details

24-03-2014: Strategic Planning Time – Part 2

Business and IT executives should be revising their strategic plans to accommodate the current business demands while still addressing the IT pain points and growth requirements. ...more details

24-03-2014: Strategic Planning Time – Part 1

While a shift to tactical plans may be needed to address the current economic headwinds, strategic plans need not, and should not, be scrapped. ...more details

24-03-2014: Data Center Effectiveness Metrics – 1H14

Experton Group finds IT executives want  and need a baseline of best practices and best of breed targets against which to compare their current operations. ...more details

10-03-2014: Have You Been Robbed on the Last Mile of Sales?

There can be many culprits and data quality can be one of them. ...more details

10-03-2014: Dissecting Lenovo

IT executives should expect Lenovo to increase its competitiveness while boosting investment and improving efficiencies in both acquisition spaces in the near and long term. ...more details

10-03-2014: Cyber Security Targets

While the total cost of the cyber security breach at Target will not be know for quite a while, a reasonable estimate is that it could easily cost the company more than $500 million. ...more details

29-01-2014: Predictions: Mobile Landscape – 2014

Mobile device sales and usage has eroded PC market share and led employees, business partners, and customers to demand access to a variety of once PC-only services to be available to them independent of platform choice. ...more details

29-01-2014: IBM: The Times They Are Changing

IBM Corp. reported poor fourth quarter and fiscal 2013 revenue results and announced heavy investments in the cloud and Watson. ...more details

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