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15-02-2015: How to Prevent IoT from Leaving You DOA

While the Internet of Things' (IoT's) notoriety has only surged within the corporate and IT communities as of late, enterprises have been gearing up for the impeding onslaught of data for some time. Sensors to monitor performance characteristics and geographic transitions, big data amalgams, and analytics applications are all pieces of the IoT puzzle that have circular operational and business implications. Still, most IT executives are ill prepared for the transformative and revolutionary business and technological shifts required to effectively embrace IoT and enact smarter, more reactive infrastructure models.  ...more details

03-01-2015: How to Win Mobile Now or Otherwise Die Trying

Consumer and enterprise behaviors over the better part of the last decade bore the  concept of developing for mobile first. Now, new metrics demonstrate the magnitude of that truth as the largest U.S. online retailers witness a virtual even split between mobile and PC traffic. Similarly, mobile enterprise tablet and smartphone business requirements are rapidly changing as needs dictate access to a wider range of functionality on mobile devices. Proper understanding of current and future business requirements and customer behaviors are necessary in implementing a mobile application framework that is responsive, adaptable to future needs, and offers consistency with desktop experiences. ...more details

02-01-2015: Hacker Prevention Checklist

The massive Sony security breach and the other multiple well-publicized cyber attacks in 2014 demonstrate the shortcomings in corporate security governance and accountability. If companies are to better protect their assets, customers, employees, intellectual property, and suppliers and business partners, they need to proactively protect corporate and personal data.  ...more details

01-01-2015: IBM z Systems - Alive and Kicking

In a world demanding instant gratification and real-time transactions using accurate up-to-date data the focus has been on mobility, analytics, cloud computing and security. Much of the discussion implies new processes and technologies geared to satisfy the ubiquitous user. However, much of the real work is not greenfield but modifications to the legacy environment. And a prime legacy workhorse is the mainframe, which remains the repository for most large enterprises' systems of record. This has not changed much over the past decade and is expected to be the core for these systems of record going forward. ...more details

06-12-2014: 2015 Predictions - Technology - part 2

Mobile device sales in 2015 will outpace those of 2014, propelled by interest in burgeoning device categories and technologies, and increasing requirements for and value derived from mobile deployments. Consumer and enterprise interest in improvements in battery life and screen technology, lower device costs, and more powerful platforms will remain the mainstays of traditional growth patterns, while new functionality including device management and identity segmentation, wireless payments, and vertically-targeted offerings will begin to gain traction.  ...more details

05-12-2014: 2015 Predictions - Technology - part 1

The global economic headwinds in 2015 will constrain IT budgets and force IT executives to question certain basic assumptions and reexamine the need for restructuring their organizations. The changing business climate and demands are pushing IT executives to do even more with less. Plus there are new waves of next-generation technologies emerging and maturing that challenge the existing status quo and deserve IT executive attention.  ...more details

04-12-2014: 2015 Predictions - People & Process

The global economic headwinds in 2015 will constrain IT budgets; yet more  business executives recognize the need for collaboration with IT and for IT to be included in the strategic initiatives. To address both issues IT executives must examine the people and process issues for productivity improvements. ...more details

03-12-2014: 2015 Predictions - IT & Global Economy

The global economic headwinds seen in 2014 will extend though 2015 – i.e., slow or no growth around the world with few exceptions.  ...more details

02-12-2014: Data Center Effectiveness Metrics - 2H14

Most data center executives have set a low bar for improving their data center effectiveness and efficiency within and across data centers as part of their cost cutting and optimization efforts. The gains in the last year have been minimal compared to the opportunity. What still holds a number of executives back from making major strides in strategic optimization planning are the questions of where are the problems, where to begin and what the metrics, paybacks, and desired targets are.  ...more details

01-12-2014: How To Green Your Data Center

Over the past two years there has been little advancement in the global greening of data centers. The required people, processes and technologies exist to cut the energy consumption levels by 40 percent or more in most data centers – even as capacity grows – but the incentives are not in place in most companies for this to occur.  ...more details

03-11-2014: Next Gen Building Blocks - PaaS

There is no doubt that cloud platform as a service (PaaS) is garnering general appeal to all IT segments and will become a primary building block for applications development and operations in the future. ...more details

02-11-2014: Next Gen Building Blocks - IaaS

There is no doubt that cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) holds general appeal to all IT segments and will become a primary building block for systems in the future. However, IaaS offerings today come in a variety of flavors that lack full compatibility and completeness.  ...more details

01-11-2014: The Flash Revolution

The Flash Revolution has begun. The economic value of flash exceeds high performance hard disk drives (HDDs) in cost and price/performance. Therefore, over the next few years the high performance HDD install base will spiral downward as enterprises move to server side and cache controllers for high performance data access. ...more details

03-10-2014: Considering Office 365 and Google Apps for Work

Software, like members of the animal and plant kingdoms, is subject to evolution or eradication. Application productivity suites are evolving to meet business requirements for Internet-based applications and data storage while offering continuous software improvements rather than masive, versioned updates.  Although numerous players offer online productivty software as an alternative to Microsoft Corp.’s Office, none are as enterprise focused as Google Inc.’s Google Apps for Work. ...more details

02-10-2014: Splitsville Implications

To address the need for greater agility and more rapid growth Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) and Symantec Corp. are splitting their firms in two in 2015. In a similar vein, Symantec plans to split its cybersecurity and information management businesses into two publicly traded companies. The vendors all claim that this is good for users as well as themselves but there are contract implications IT executives need to be aware of so that they are not exposed after the divestitures. ...more details

01-10-2014: Strong Cloud SLAs Required

IT exists to serve the business and if an enterprise is to entrust its workloads to a cloud service provider (CSP), the CSP needs to provide the company with service level agreements (SLAs) that satisfy the firm’s business requirements. These requirements should be no less stringent than those demanded of the internal IT organization.  ...more details

06-09-2014: Selecting a Partner for IT Asset Retirement

Experton Group believes selecting a vendor for IT asset retirement can be a daunting task for corporations given the multitude of vendors professing to have the required capabilities. IT executives at corporations of all sizes should understand and appropriately prioritize the criteria used in evaluating asset recovery services. ...more details

05-09-2014: Oracle - SAP - Vastly Different Strategies

Two long-term rivals, Oracle Corp. and SAP AG, are embarked on very divergent growth strategies, one of which has a higher probability of success than the other. ...more details

04-09-2014: IBM divests x86 to Lenovo

The IBM x86 server business divestiture is a win-win for both IBM and Lenovo. IBM has found a way to parse the business Solomon-like, enabling it to still have access to key x86 segments while enabling Lenovo to pursue the volume x86 markets in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) space. The relationship is designed to be symbiotic, as the two companies will work together to deliver solutions, services and support. ...more details

03-09-2014: Availability Reliability and Security

Continuity Software benchmarked service availability and noted customer satisfaction is the top driver for service availability but most organizations' unplanned downtime commitments fall short of customer expectations. Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) released its sixth annual global server hardware and operating system reliability report. While all server hardware and operating systems achieved a high level of reliability, some platforms were better than others.  ...more details

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