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03-11-2014: Next Gen Building Blocks - PaaS

There is no doubt that cloud platform as a service (PaaS) is garnering general appeal to all IT segments and will become a primary building block for applications development and operations in the future. ...more details

02-11-2014: Next Gen Building Blocks - IaaS

There is no doubt that cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) holds general appeal to all IT segments and will become a primary building block for systems in the future. However, IaaS offerings today come in a variety of flavors that lack full compatibility and completeness.  ...more details

01-11-2014: The Flash Revolution

The Flash Revolution has begun. The economic value of flash exceeds high performance hard disk drives (HDDs) in cost and price/performance. Therefore, over the next few years the high performance HDD install base will spiral downward as enterprises move to server side and cache controllers for high performance data access. ...more details

03-10-2014: Considering Office 365 and Google Apps for Work

Software, like members of the animal and plant kingdoms, is subject to evolution or eradication. Application productivity suites are evolving to meet business requirements for Internet-based applications and data storage while offering continuous software improvements rather than masive, versioned updates.  Although numerous players offer online productivty software as an alternative to Microsoft Corp.’s Office, none are as enterprise focused as Google Inc.’s Google Apps for Work. ...more details

02-10-2014: Splitsville Implications

To address the need for greater agility and more rapid growth Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) and Symantec Corp. are splitting their firms in two in 2015. In a similar vein, Symantec plans to split its cybersecurity and information management businesses into two publicly traded companies. The vendors all claim that this is good for users as well as themselves but there are contract implications IT executives need to be aware of so that they are not exposed after the divestitures. ...more details

01-10-2014: Strong Cloud SLAs Required

IT exists to serve the business and if an enterprise is to entrust its workloads to a cloud service provider (CSP), the CSP needs to provide the company with service level agreements (SLAs) that satisfy the firm’s business requirements. These requirements should be no less stringent than those demanded of the internal IT organization.  ...more details

06-09-2014: Selecting a Partner for IT Asset Retirement

Experton Group believes selecting a vendor for IT asset retirement can be a daunting task for corporations given the multitude of vendors professing to have the required capabilities. IT executives at corporations of all sizes should understand and appropriately prioritize the criteria used in evaluating asset recovery services. ...more details

05-09-2014: Oracle - SAP - Vastly Different Strategies

Two long-term rivals, Oracle Corp. and SAP AG, are embarked on very divergent growth strategies, one of which has a higher probability of success than the other. ...more details

04-09-2014: IBM divests x86 to Lenovo

The IBM x86 server business divestiture is a win-win for both IBM and Lenovo. IBM has found a way to parse the business Solomon-like, enabling it to still have access to key x86 segments while enabling Lenovo to pursue the volume x86 markets in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) space. The relationship is designed to be symbiotic, as the two companies will work together to deliver solutions, services and support. ...more details

03-09-2014: Availability Reliability and Security

Continuity Software benchmarked service availability and noted customer satisfaction is the top driver for service availability but most organizations' unplanned downtime commitments fall short of customer expectations. Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) released its sixth annual global server hardware and operating system reliability report. While all server hardware and operating systems achieved a high level of reliability, some platforms were better than others.  ...more details

02-09-2014: IBM and Apple Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Apple Inc. and IBM Corp. recently announced an exclusive partnership to work together to improve enterprise connectivity to analytics and cloud services on Apple iOS devices. IT and business executives should work with their Apple and IBM vendor representatives to determine where, how, and if forthcoming solutions will offer transformative value and should consider one or more pilot programs where appropriate.  ...more details

01-09-2014: Mission of IT 2014

The mission of IT is being transformed from a data center and business-as-usual development focus to a business- and customer-driven delivery model. IT executives are expected to deliver integrated enterprise-wide mobile and social system of engagement and critical business system of record applications in a timely fashion. ...more details

03-08-2014: Using Asset Recovery Services to Power Disruptive Technology Part 2

While the costs and complexity of these new technology adoptions are becoming rapidly apparent, IT executives are often leaving decisions about retired equipment as an afterthought resulting in enterprises leaving much-needed money on the table. ...more details

02-08-2014: Who Owns Your Emails

For most organizations the email application stands alone and therefore can be easily exported to the cloud. Unfortunately, most executives are unaware of the potential risks they are taking by doing so. Business and IT executives need to fully understand the risk exposures and ensure, to the best of their abilities, that the business is maximally protected. ...more details

01-08-2014: Storms on the Cloud Horizon

A U.S. judge ruling that Microsoft Corp. must turn over a customer's emails stored in a data center in Ireland to the U.S. government could snowball into other areas, putting a major damper on the movement to the cloud. Business and IT executives need to fully understand the risk exposures and ensure, to the best of their abilities, that the business and its data are maximally protected.  ...more details

07-07-2014: Growth, Losses and Shrinkage

Oracle Corp. reported poor fourth quarter and fiscal 2014 revenue results while Workday Inc. posted strong first quarter 2015 revenue growth but continuing losses. In other business news, worldwide external disk storage revenues fell at a rate not seen since 2009. ...more details

07-07-2014: Data Center of the Future: Agile, Lean, Green & Unbounded

The cloud computing model is forcing IT executives to reevalaute their approaches to data centers, resulting in new designs and systematic ways to reduce personnel and processing costs. ...more details

07-07-2014: Cybersecurity and the Cloud Multiplier Effect

Business and IT executives should work together to aggressively establish processes, procedures, and technology that will minimize the risk exposures to levels deemed acceptable. ...more details

06-07-2014: Using Asset Recovery Services to Power Disruptive Technology Part 1

A confluence of cost, technology, and timing pressures is forcing IT executives to adopt new solutions that address heightened business needs for information access, speed, and integration. Cloud, analytics, mobile, and social (CAMS) strategies require enterprises to rethink and upgrade IT solutions to deliver faster, distributed, and integrated information access across platforms.  ...more details

05-07-2014: Grape Escape Showcases Apparancy and SYSPRO

Cost efficiencies, elimination of redundancy, and delivery of timely accurate information to users anywhere, anytime and on any device remains a top priority across the business landscape.  ...more details

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