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Cloud Computing and Data Integration: Trends to Watch

Dr. Carlo Velten

 Dr. Carlo VeltenAccording to a recent article published in eWeek, the following are data integration and cloud computing trends that could potentially affect how the cloud will be used in the near future.

•  Enterprise Application Integration & Integration Platform as a Service – there is movement on many fronts to simplify application integration not only from one vendor, but many vendors. Standardization of cloud application interfaces at a higher level than APIs will help promote cloud usage. It is generally recognized that in order for “new-comers” to introduce and gain acceptance of their applications, they need to interface with generally accepted social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

•  B2C will Drive B2B Agility – it is clear that the consumer market is driving a lot of what is being developed and used in the corporate market. In other words, the consumer is driving the cloud market.

•  Data as a Service – as more and more information from multiple sources becomes available, there are manufacturers and service providers that have recognized the need for data management, which includes filtering, curation, etc. See

•  Master Data Management – building on data as a service, the management of data and integration with existing enterprise data will develop significantly in the near term.

•  Data Governance/Security – as more consumer data becomes more prevalent and service providers offer management and integration services, the protection of private information becomes even more paramount

•  Business Process Modeling & Activity Monitoring – as the capabilities of the cloud mature and enterprises take advantage of cloud-sourcing, sophisticated tasks like process modeling and business activity monitoring will move into the cloud.

•  Cloud Service Brokerage – it makes sense that while multiple cloud services become available and cloud service integration platforms develop, that there will be a need for knowledgeable service providers to offer brokerage and service integration services.

A lot of what is presented above is based on traditional business development. If we were to go one step further, it is expected that there will be a lot (more) of service merger and acquisition – new leaders will emerge that will offer a wide range of cloud services and threaten traditional service providers like Amazon, SalesForce, etc.. IT Executives should make sure that they keep abreast of market developments before making significant investments and commitments.

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