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Digital Workspace Service Provider Vendor Benchmark 2016 - Start of Research-Phase for Germany

Wolfgang Schwab

“Digitalization” resounds throughout the land. Through the networking of autonomous running processes the workspace will be an increasingly important topic of ICT. Against this background Experton Group will conduct its first edition of the "Digital Workspace Service Provider Benchmark", which is a logical evolution of the „Mobile Enterprise Vendor Benchmarks“ which were conducted over the last 4 years.

This independent study will analyze all relevant Workspace Service Providers and their respective offerings in Germany and will determine the attractiveness of their portfolio and their competitive strength, based on a multitude of weighted criteria.

This report provides CIOs, IT executives and press representatives a detailed and differentiated overview of the key Digital Workspace vendors in the German market.

Press representatives will be supplied selected results of the benchmark to be published in the respective media.

The research phase started January 12, 2016 and includes the following:

  • Vendor surveys
  • Expert interviews with Experton Group advisors
  • Evaluation of product documentations and references
  • Tests and evaluations of the respective offerings

To support IT executives and help them preselect potential partners, Experton Group will conduct the benchmark on the performance of vendors and service providers who are active in the German market. The benchmark will cover the following segments:

  • Digital Workspace Consulting (for the user company sizes: mid-sized companies, larger mid-sized companies, large accounts)
  • Managed Digital Workspace Services (for the user company sizes: mid-sized companies, larger mid-sized companies, large accounts )
  • Managed Mobile Enterprise Services (for the user company sizes: mid-sized companies, larger mid-sized companies, large accounts )
  • Managed Digital Workspace Security Services
  • App-Security Services

Decision makers within the user companies will also base their opinions of projects and tender offers on this image. For that reason, it is important that you, along with your company, actively participate in the benchmark. Take advantage of the research phase to conduct a briefing with Experton Group advisors and provide us with additional documentation about your Digital Workspace offerings.

Vendor positioning is based on a neutral and independent research and evaluation process. Participation in the study is FREE OF CHARGE; however, vendors can purchase secondary marketing rights for the study for marketing, press and sales purposes AFTER the benchmark has been completed.

While Experton Group will select the vendors and service providers and related products/services to be included in the benchmark analysis independent of the respective vendor’s active or passive participation, we kindly ask you to participate in the benchmark to enable our advisors to provide a complete evaluation of your company’s Digital Workspace offerings.

Please send your request of the questionnaire and additional information to the following e-mail address:

An information brochure on this project can be found under this link.

You have questions? Feel free to contact us!

Wolfgang Schwab

Wolfgang Schwab

Project Manager „Digital Workspace Service Provider Benchmark 2016“



We look forward to your participation!