Developing an integrated sourcing model

Often, the lines of business request the continuous availability of data; even short downtimes are not accepted any more, and maintenance windows get smaller and smaller or are discarded completely. IT infrastructure must meet high-availability requirements, while facing cost reduction pressures at the same time. IT organizations are challenged to develop strategies and lay the foundations that enable them to meet business requirements.

IT sourcing is not a new issue and has certainly not lost its relevance; quite the contrary: In many companies, a lack of human resources requires a shift of paradigms within IT. The question is not whether sourcing or in-house production is the appropriate solution, but rather what kind of services can be outsourced.

Many companies are facing new tasks and challenges, including cloud computing, big data, real-time processing and mobile data provisioning. Often, the existing IT infrastructure cannot handle these tasks and it is not sufficient to simply perform a few modifications. This development requires a shift of paradigms when it comes to analyzing IT infrastructures that need to be flexible and have a modular structure. For Experton Group, only an enterprise-wide sourcing strategy can meet respective requirements. It must be based on the IT strategy and account for the company's currently available and predictable resources.

Experton Group's proven team analyzes current IT infrastructures and related current as well as future requirements and prepares an integrated concept (blueprint) that comprises the whole infrastructure, including network, LAN, WAN, server and storage landscape, mobile devices and security architecture.

High-availability must also address data center security requirements. Redundant power supply, UPS, cooling, emergency power system, fire protection, video monitoring and access control are issues that must not be ignored.

How must the future IT infrastructure be set up to achieve a high degree of flexibility and security, while also meeting speed and high availability requirements? How fast can extensions be added during operations? How much staff is available for individual areas? At the same time, cost savings - both energy and hardware - must be achieved, while administration should be simplified and services be improved significantly. These are key questions that must be addressed and answered accordingly.

Monitoring is important to early detect and resolve any problems. Such information should also be displayed on mobile devices.

Developing a sourcing model also provides an answer to the question which parts of the IT infrastructure can be outsourced. Which know-how can be transferred to a co-location or cloud computing service provider, how do these providers secure their services and is the provider ISO 27000/2-certified and does he provide encrypted data access?

Clear sourcing plans are indispensable. Experton Group's experienced advisors are happy to help their customers with this task.