Business Value Tools

Experton Group’s business value consulting is based on primary and secondary market research, which allows vendors to align their go-to-market strategies with the concrete value perceptions, requirements and business requirements of their prospects.

The first step is a detailed examination of the corporate organization, market conditions and capabilities. Such examinations include marketing, sales and customer surveys as well as competitive information, market trends and best practices. As a result, it is possible to compare the current sales strategies with best-in-class, value-based selling strategies and to create an action plan on how to improve value-based selling within the company. Interactive sales tools such as business value calculators and sales trainings for the new go-to-market and value-based selling strategy are playing a key role.

Value Calculators

Value calculators are based on secondary and primary market research findings for the concrete individual case. Value calculators provide a reliable basis for both customers and vendors to discuss the real business value of a solution or service.

Value calculators help the sales staff to shorten sales discussions on cost and prices and to enter discussions on the value of a solution for their customers.

Sales tools such as value calculators will only prove their value if the sales staff is able to use them properly. In addition to using a software tool, the staff must understand and internalize the business value concept. Experton Group offers trainings for your sales staff to help them understand and use value calculators.

Support for IT Users

The vendors' ROI promises do not constitute a reliable basis for users, in particular if large investments are concerned. Experton Group analyzes the respective company, based on best practices and their knowledge of products and services, and calculates the business value of an investment accordingly.

Experton Group will also help user organizations to regularly review the business value and efficiency of their services, to not solely rely on keywords such as ITIL and other operations excellence methodologies.