Privacy Statement

1. Collection and usage of personal data

1.1 Contact details

Access to the Web pages of Experton Group AG is possible without prior registration for anybody interested in our Web site. Personal information is only collected by Experton Group AG, if such data are necessary to render our services or to change the mode of usage through the client or to access proprietary information.

1.2 Anonymized profiles of interest

If we ask for additional demographic data in addition to name and address (e.g., age, sex, etc.) - for instance to set up a reminder function to allow us to send information on certain products or services - and create profiles of interest, based on information on your usage pattern, such information will be saved in anonymous form and used for our internal client statistics. This helps us to adapt our services and products as well as our Web presence to your specific requirements and wishes to ensure a highly effective usage of our services. However, we will only collect and process your personal data for market research and advertising purposes upon your prior written or electronic consent. Of course you may cancel your consent anytime in writing or by e-mail to

1.3 Usage pattern

Every Web server automaticall registers access to its Web pages. Such information is stored in anonymous form, which excludes any conclusions regarding your person or your individual behavior. Clicked hyperlinks are registered, but cannot be assigned to an individual person. We create profile information regarding the usage of our Web pages only in anonymous form to help us improve user navigation and to optimize our offerings under consideration of user interests.

1.4 No disclosure to third parties

Your personal data are highly confidential and will not be sold, leased or otherwise yielded to third parties. If the subscribed services are handled by a third party, we guarantee compliance with data protection and privacy regulations.

1.5 Storage

We store your personal data only for the time necessary to render our services. If such storage of data is no longer required or if the usage relationship is terminated, all personal data are deleted immediately.

2. Usage of cookies

Cookies are small text files that serve to identify regular customers of a Web site. They are no software, but only an identification number set by visitors on the computer, which are recognized and help the service provider to measure the usage of his Web site. At present, we do not use such cookies, but may do so, if we increase our offering of personalized functions on our Web site. Cookies per se do not collect personal data, but allow us to assign a visitor to his/her respective user profile. As already explained, this user profile is stored under a pseudonym, hence privacy of the client's data is ensured even if such cookies are used.

3. Consent and acceptance of data protecion practices

By using the Web site of Experton Group AG, an interactive advertising banner or one of our e-mail distribution lists, you accept the privacy declaration of Experton Group AG and agree with our general usage conditions.

In particular, such consent is deemed given, if you have entered your personal data yourself. By entering your data (e.g., into a distribution or mailing list), you allow us to store and use your data for the purpose of the German Data Protection Act. You may object and delete your personal data anytime. Once you have requested us to not send any e-mails to the specified address anymore, we are obliged to delete this address from the respective distribution list.

If you request us to not send any e-mails anymore, we will include your e-mail address in our negative list. In this case, we ask you to send an e-mail to the following address:

4. Modifications of this declaration

Experton Group AG reserves the right to change these privacy guidelines anytime and in compliance with legal regulations. Please visit our Web site periodically to inform yourself on potential updates of this privacy declaration.

Contact for privacy issues

We are happy to answer any additional questions on privacy issues you may have.